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Every project is unique, but with our extensve experience we've identified a set of common sales channel issues.

In addition to custom consulting with vendors and partners on channel strategy and programs, Channel Ventures offers standardized products & services that increase sales and improve return on investment.

Breakthrough Performance Training for the Channel

Maximize ROI by going for optimum results. - "Making your channel outstanding."

Breakthrough Performance Training is a system for achieving maximum success in any endeavor. Breakthrough Performance Training helps individuals, teams and entire organizations through improved communication, We have customized this system to meet the specific requirements of channel organizations.

Effective Channel Communication

Channel Communication Coaching - "How to talk to your the channel."

Effective Channel Communication is the foundation of every successful channel. But many companies struggle with it. Are you communicating the right message to the channel? Are they listening? Are you listening to them? Channel Ventures help managers talk and listen to the channel. And we help partners communicate back. We work with companies to improve a variety of communications methods, including direct talks, presentations, mailings, video, the web, and training.

Program Refresh & Design: Strategic Channel Programs

New Channel Strategy, Refresh, or Program Launch - "Get with the program."

Got a new product? Need to develop new channels? Need to refresh a channel you already have? Need to change direction? Program Refresh & Design is a top-to-bottom solution for designing strategic channel programs that delivers results. From market research that identifies partner needs, to collaborative consulting that prioritizes objectives, our process packages benefits into compelling programs.

Channel Launch

Deliver a new channel program - "Launch quickly - launch right."

Channel Launch propels a new channel program into the market. It includes critical aspects like sales force development, channel recruitment, and demand creation. We have a long history of helping companies launch channel programs.

PCAP: Partner Capability Assessment Process

Improve Sales Force Productivity - "Benchmarks, Metrics and Accountability."

Partner Capability Assessment applies metrics to channel organizationsthat allow allows companies to quickly increase ROI. PCAP provides vendors with the valuable data and insight to drive profitable action in the field. Powerful metrics allow vendors and resellers to work as partners.

Channel Marketing Capitalization

New Funding for Channel & Partnership Building - "Tap new sources of capital."

Channel Cap helps companies to uncover untapped sources of capital, identify likely partners, establish strategic relationships, facilitate enrollment in vendor programs, start pilot projects, and extend market reach while offsetting costs.

Virtual Account Manager

Increase Sales, Increase Mindshare - "Get more sales from unmanaged accounts."

VAM is a web-based system that supports the unmanaged channel. VAM gathers valuable data, keeps partners on message, offers channel relationship-monitoring, community building, and supports partners that you are not currently reaching.

Channel Community

Build Community - Energize the Channel - "Build loyalty through engagement."

Our Channel Community building process combines technology, channel expertise, and community building experience to create a "channel eco-system." You can't have loyalty without community.

Custom Consulting Services

- CAM Training
- Channel Research
- Recruitment
- Lead Management
- Demand Creation
- Product Launch

Sell more - Sell smarter - Get better return on your investment
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