Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What Are You Measuring?

The hard part about designing or refreshing isn't deciding which benefits to bestow on your channel. It isn't even deciding how to pitch it. While both of those can be challenging, they are a walk in the park compared to deciding what you really want out of your channel. It is getting the objectives right that is the trick.

My friend Dr. Brad Spencer hit this topic again in his e mail newsletter. (I have to get him blogging so I can link to him instead of quoting him.) In talking about an article in the LA times, "Its all Geek to Me" about the book Moneyball, Brad makes the following point.

"I challenge you to put the book down without asking the question, "What am I measuring in my company (or life)." The implications of the answer are far reaching. The specifics of who you hire, fire, promote, etc. are all based on what you see as the key variable to outstanding performance. Judging against irrelevant categories can prove disastrous."

Like Brad, my favorite pastime is business. I am also looking for the "geeks" who want to figure out what makes business work.

Scott Karren, The Channel Pro

Moneyball - The Art of Winning an Unfair Game - is a great book with many implications...
A quote from Bill James, baseball statician featured in Moneyball:

"There will always be people who are ahead of the curve, and people who are behind the curve. But knowledge moves the curve."
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