I did not dream of being The Channel Pro when I was a kid, I just evolved into it. It was a transformation I made through experience on thousands of consulting projects. From the start, clients said my company brought a professional, structured approach to channel sales. Lately, clients have asked us to write about channels based on my experiences in the high tech and telecom industries.

I am obsessed with making channels run efficiently. I built MSI Consulting Group to improve channel strategies and programs, created The Launch Group to promote products more effectively into the channel, raised money from channel investors as CEO of Chinawave Broadband, developed sales rep acumen as co-author of The Channel MBA and started Channel Ventures to increase ROI on channel expenses.

Although my experiences are unique, I believe I have a similar perspective to many executives, colleagues and associates, e.g. that of a channel professional who strives not just to hit a number but to make a difference.

Scott Karren, The Channel Pro

Scott Karren ( is the CEO of Channel Ventures, a consulting firm specializing in profitable channel development.

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